Born and educated in Spain, Enrique Santana has been living and working in Chicago since 1991. He is a participant of numerous gallery and museum exhibitions both in the United States and in Europe. He is a recipient of the Government of Andalusia Gold Medal of Honor for his achievements in the arts.

Enrique Santana is a keen observer of his surroundings, rendering Chicago with an all-knowing hand. His cityscapes are photographic - building windows silver against the sun, and the water wrinkles and sways.

Laden with sketchy, prominent strokes, Santana's depictions of Lake Michigan are as impressionistic as his cityscapes are precise.

In his current series, “Lake Shore Drive”, Santana made a surprising decision of using two tubes of paint: one white – the absence of color, and the other black – the mixture of all colors.

Working with these two colors, Santana endeavored to work with all possible shades and variations of light and shadow that his brush could produce, with the intention to reflect not the physical reality but to evoke emotional realities.