A native of Venezuela, Pancho Quilici lives and works in Paris, and is active both in Europe and in Latin America.  He has had scores of personal exhibitions in museums, international art expositions, and galleries in Europe, and in North and South America.  His works are in many public and private collections across the globe, and he is a participant in dozens of international art fairs and exhibitions, both juried and invitational.

Quilici is interested in geometry, especially with everything related to circle, as to him this is the principle of existence. In his works he creates places that reflect his thinking. He uses geometry, architecture, land, and the elements, and often works with an idea of simultaneous worlds (inside-outside, figurative-abstract, past and future, movement - stillness, drawing and painting).  The artist is fully conversant with various and varied fine art techniques from sculpture to drawing and often tries to utilize and incorporate new technologies and materials in his works, working with acetate, plexiglass and synthetic fibers.