Lena Herzog is a documentary and fine art photographer.

Born in Russia in 1970,  she moved to the USA in 1990.  She started taking photographs in 1997 and studied photographic printing techniques with the Italian master printer Ivan Dala Tana in Milan and later with French master printer Marc Valesella. She combines some very early photographic darkroom processes with contemporary techniques to achieve extraordinary silver gelatin prints.

Lena Herzog develops and prints all of her photographs using Pyrogallol for developing negatives, her own recipes for printing,  and uses Foma paper for her Silver Gelatin prints which are also split-toned (Gold and Selenium).

Her works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in the US and Europe.  An exhibition of her works, Lost Souls, was shown at the International Center of Photography in New York, and the monograph of the same title continues to receive wide acclaim. She is the author of several books of photography.

Lena Herzog’s work has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Harper’s Magazine.  

For several years, Lena Herzog has been chronicling and documenting the work of THEO JANSEN. Jansen is a Dutch physicist, inventor and kinetic sculptor.  His wind-powered STRANDBEEST sculptures are world-renown and have been featured in scores of publications and TV specials.  The US tour of Strandbeests is scheduled for the year 2014 with stops in New York, Chicago, Florida and California.