Based in France, educated in Switzerland and Venezuela, and Polish by birth, artist GABRIELA MORAWETZ’s gender and identity focused, photo-based works are informed by her experiences spanning all parts of the globe. Utilizing the newest developments in digital representation as well as traditional photography processes, she seamlessly combines imagery and subject matter into palimpsests of visual richness exploring human relationships, individuality, the self and the world at large.  Her works are multi-layered in rich cultural references as well as physically constructed of layers of transparent screens, threads and even mini installations.  Most of the objects used for the installations are also made, sculpted and constructed by the artist

A truly international artist, Gabriela Morawetz has had scores of gallery and museum exhibitions in North and South America and across Europe, including the Chicago Cultural Center, the Gallery of Modern Art in Lodz, Poland, The Recanaty Foundation Museum in Israel.  In 2008 she had a solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Caracas, Venezuela.